A little news about the change in ownership of the Laurelthirst:

Well, the news broke about the change in ownership of the Pub sooner than we had expected… but it’s all happening. There were a few nebulous things in the WWeek article (below) that we wanted to make clear.

The Pub was not really slated for demolition, but developers were interested in buying the building and pub, and the bar’s future was definitely in jeopardy. The original owners, god bless them, went above and beyond their responsibilities and basically BENT OVER BACKWARDS to work out a way for friends and believers to buy in so that the pub could continue. We cannot stress enough that it was THEIR willingness to defer their ability to retire and put off their dreams of cashing out and relaxing so that the pub could survive. As they have for 28 years, they put the needs and hopes of the community that THEY fostered above their own, and were willing to negotiate the sale of the pub to the new owners. If anyone deserves kudos for the “rescue” of the space, it has as much to do with them as with the new owners, if not more so. Please save them a place in your prayers and well-wishes.

Lewi Longmire may be the recognizable public face of this change, but Nick is the one that brought this to the table, as he and Brandon were working to open their own bar for some time and the old LT owners approached him as a line to save the place. They brought in Bart and Lewi as partners to help keep the continuity going. We are all in this together.

In the first weeks of the new year, we will be doing some crowd-funding, accepting donations as such from folks that want to contribute to help improve the space and keep everything rolling. We are not quite there yet, but please do keep in mind that that will be coming.The new owners are in place, but certainly any community help to keep things flowing smoothly will be appreciated.

We are thankful there is so much support for the continuation of the Laurelthrist, and look forward to bringing us all years of comfort and enjoyment in this changing and troubled world. If you have ever loved the Pub, now is a great time to renew your presence and partake of what we all have created together. Or if you already come in regularly, bring a friend. Spread the word about our humble little Pub. Check out the shows, sign up for the music email blast… just do what you already have been doing.

We love life, we love the Laurelthirst, we love you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

-Nick Zerr, Bart Yanoch, Brandon Logan, Lewi Longmire