Qwanqwa (Ethiopian Dance Band!)

10may9:00 pm11:30 pmQwanqwa (Ethiopian Dance Band!)FRIDAY NIGHT | $15-20 | 9PM

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$15-20 sliding scale, cash at the door, please!

  QWANQWA is a supergroup of musicians from the baddest ensembles of Addis Ababa. Brought together by a shared passion for the power of Ethiopian music, this group shines an experimentalism based in the virtuosity of rooted traditions. With swirling mesenko (one-stringed fiddle), punk krar solos (electric lyre), wah-wah-violin, bass krar boom, and the unstoppable rhythm of heavy kebero (goat-skin drum) beats, powerful traditional lead African diva vocals, Qwanqwa keeps the people wrapped in celebratory attention.

    QWANQWA draws inspiration from East Africa regions of Ethiopia and beyond. The repertoire ranges from a trance-like song of the Eritrean tribe of Blen to a Somalian rock number to Mahmoud Ahmed sing-a-longs. The music is characterized by tight arrangements and extended experimental moments. The live show ranges from intimate to wild, from whispery conversations to full blown rock show, and it is hard to believe these psychedelic sounds are coming from traditional harp and violin. 
    Not to be missed! This is a unique opportunity to check out some of Ethiopia’s finest musicians in an intimate setting. 


May 10, 2024 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm