26jun9:00 pm11:00 pmTHMPRWEDNESDAY NIGHT | FREE | 9PM

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THMPR is a Portland-based experimental and improvisational music project that improbably formed on April 5th, 2016 and continued to evolve from multiple late night sessions.

Ralph Huntley, Jason Driver, Count Kellam, Jason Carter and the otherworldly Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, B52’s) met live on a stage in Eugene, Oregon on a dark and beautiful musical plane. Instantly finding rapport and commonality amongst shared musical and experimental tendencies, THMPR began hosting improv sessions once a month at different studio and rehearsal spaces.

In January 2017, THMPR joined James Dineen and his radio show “Sessions from the Box” live in the studio for a monumental improv performance, which was aired on his radio show and filmed live.

After several more shows, it was discussed that it was time for an album. In May of 2017, THMPR did what they always did, came into the studio, set up their equipment and hit record. As the first piece unfolded, it was so appropriately the first track, as they continued through the rest of the songs, they all fit into place, in the order they were conceived. The album is as yet, unreleased.

THMPR continued into 2017 playing multiple venues and supporting other prominently audacious performers such as Mike Dillon with Nolatet, Sexmob and Skerik, all the while building a devoted base for their quirky, live exploration in sound. Their unique brand compels

you through avant garde jazz and funk to atmospheric noise that culminate into crescendos of chaos and madness until finally delivering you to your own planet of peace.

It seemed as though there was a bottomless well from which they could draw their experimental and instantaneous compositional creations.

Yet, in December of 2017, tragedy struck as our beloved leader Ralph Carney passed away unexpectedly. It was an overwhelming loss for us as a group, and it was quickly acknowledged how pervasive his spirit was in the musical community. We joined with thousands across the world in celebrating his legacy. THMPR realized that, if anything, he brought the rest of us together, and with special guests such as Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Ezekial Brown (Chocolate Giant), Courtney Von Drehle, Andrew Alikhanov and others, we could continue to bring our special brand of experimental improv to a stage near you.

Steve Berlin and Tom Nunes along with others will join us for this first performance at our favorite local dive, the Laurelthirst Public House.


June 26, 2024 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm