Laith & the Texas Birds // Generifus

04nov9:00 pm11:30 pmLaith & the Texas Birds // GenerifusSATURDAY NIGHT | $10 | 9PM

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Laith is a Texas songbird. And songbirds don’t fly south for the winter, but they do fly low for the blues. Laith knows that to fly low is to feel high and to feel high is to get struck by lightning. And lightning is the heart of this record. Texas lightning.

On Laith’s debut record, ‘Lightning’, he carries us across state lines from LA to Arizona, Colorado to Espanola, Houston to New Orleans, Utah on to the Great Northwest, where he currently lays his head, dreaming of running these roads until the wheels don’t touch the ground. And his writing does just that. It burns along the asphalt until there’s none left. And that’s when Laith takes us beyond, on phantom track lines through the abstract geography of his mind. He flows seamlessly between railway signs and lost trains of thought. Like a true American surrealist.

‘Lightning’ was recorded in two pieces over about 6 months in Portland, Oregon. Laith worked closely with Kevin Christopher, who engineered and mixed using three different studio spaces to create something loose and alive, but also deeply focused and highly intricate. The bulk of the album was made at Ruby Machine, a studio Kevin helped build, and the remainder was done at Trash Treasury and Heavy Meadow Sound.
Spencer Sult with different buds playing live..


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